How do you get teens and tweens to ask for an ice pop by name? You talk, act and live like them. So, welcome the wonderfully weird content of Bomb Pop. And hey, it’s working.

Just a few results:

- Drove the largest 4th of July volume in the brand's history for three years running

- Drove the largest summer sales in brand history for three years running

- Exceeded TV reach benchmark by 45%

- 20% completion rate on Snap ads (Snapchat usually sees 4-10%)

And obviously we’re on Instagram at key moments like 4th of July and National Bomb Pop Day.

And obviously we make snap lens, even using the cool World Lens AR feature.

Also we learned that most of our audience is gaming, so we made a full gaming platform with 9 interactive games, called the Land of Freezedom

Check out this [internal] case study we made to show it off.